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    Lontium Semiconductor Corporation is a fabless design house established in 2006 with headquarter in Hefei, sales & support teams across the world. Lontium focuses on developing and marketing high-speed interface chips, high performance video bridges, processors and display drivers targeted for wide range of high-definition multi-media applications. Based on ClearEdge technology, we strive to provide the best products and services for our customers worldwide. Our mission is to become a leading global high-speed, low-power mixed-signal chip and IP solution provider.

    We work with the world leading processor companies, providing chip products and solutions for Automotive, Display & Accessories, Micro Display, Industry & Communications. Our high-speed interface IPs and a wide range mixed-signal IPs on leading edge manufacturing technologies serve various SoC vendors worldwide.

    Listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange, Lontium is expanding its product roadmap into AI & HPC area, exploring high performance interface components for high-speed data communication in PC, Server and AI applications. We produce mixed signal products for a better digital world, it’s happening now.

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