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  • LT8711GXE

    1. Description

    LT8711GXE is a high performance Type-C/DP1.4a to HD-DVI2.1 converter, designed to connect a USB Type-C source or a DP1.4a source
    to an HD-DVI2.1 sink.
    The LT8711GXE integrates a DP1.4a compliant receiver, and an HD-DVI2.1 compliant transmitter. Also, one CC controller is included for
    CC communication to implement DP Alt Mode and power delivery function, because it is one DRP (Dual Role port).
    For DP1.4a input, LT8711GXE can be configured as 1/2/4 lanes. Adaptive equalization makes it suitable for long cable application and
    the maximum bandwidth is up to 32.4Gbps.
    For HD-DVI2.1 output, LT8711GXE can be configured as 3/4 lanes. The maximum bandwidth is up to 40Gbps. It allow for the highest
    resolutions of 8K@30Hz, 4K@144Hz or 8K@60Hz with compression data.Two digital audio input or output interfaces are available, I2S
    and SPDIF. The I2S interface supports 8-ch LPCM and the SPDIF interface supports 2-ch LPCM or compressed audio, both at
    maximum 192 KHz sample rate.
    The device is capable of automatic operation which is enabled by an integrated microprocessor that uses an embedded SPI flash for
    firmware storage. System control is also available through the configuration I2C slave interface.

    2. Features

    • Type-C
    • DP1.4a/eDP1.4b Receiver
    • HD-DVI2.1 Transmitter
    • Digital Audio Input or Output
    • DSC Decoder and Encoder

    3. Applications

    • Docking Station
    • Dongle

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