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Product Name Package Description Pin to Pin Status Download
LT7911UXC BGA-169 Type-C/DP to Quad-port MIPI/LVDS with Audio
LT7911UX BGA-169 Type-C/DP to Quad-port MIPI with Audio
LT6911GXC BGA-169 HDMI2.1 to Quad-port MIPI/LVDS with Audio
LT6911GX BGA-169 HDMI2.1 to Quad-port MIPI DSI/CSI with Audio
LT89121 QFN-76 eDPx to MIPI Converter MP
LT9211 QFN-64 MIPI/2-Port LVDS Transimitter MP
LT6911UXB BGA-144 HDMI2.0 to Quad-Port MIPI DSI/CSI with Audio LT6911B MP
LT6911UXC QFN-64 HDMI2.0 to Dual-Port MIPI DSI/CSI with Audio LT6911C MP
LT7911D QFN-64 Type-C to 2 port MIPI CSI/DSI, support 3D with Audio and PD Controller MP
LT7911 QFN-128 Type C /DP/eDP to 4 port MIPI CSI/DSI, support 3D with Audio and PD Controller MP
LT7211B BGA-144 Type-C/DP1.2 to Quad-port LVDS with Audio MP
LT6911 QFN-128 HDMI 1.4 to 4 port MIPI DSI/CSI LT6911UX MP
LT6911C QFN-64 HDMI 1.4 to 2 port MIPI DSI/CSI LT6911UXC MP
LT8918L QFN-64
Dual-Port LVDS to MIPI DSI/CSI-2 Bridge MP
LT8918 QFN-64
MIPI DSI/CSI-2 Transmitter MP
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