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1. Description

The LT8618SX is Lontium's low power version HDMI transmitter based on ClearEdgeTM technology. It supports the 24-bit color depth HDMI 1.4 (High Definition Multimedia Interface) specification. They are fully backward compatible with Lontium's first generation HDMI transmitter LT8618EX.
LT8618SX is a high performance, low power part that are specifically designed for HD-Digital cameras, HD-Digital Video Cameras, HD-PMP/MP4 Players, Cell phones, etc. The normal operation power is less than 100mA playing 24bit 1080P content, and the standby power is less than 2mA.

2. Features

• RGB Input
• HDMI Transmitter
• Miscellaneous

3. Applications

• Car Video Recorder
• PTV Box
• HD Sources 

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