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1. General Description

The LT86101UX is Lontium’s 4th generation HDMI/DVI repeater based on ClearedEdge™ technology, compliant with the HDMI 1.4 (High Definition Multimedia Interface) specification. It is a 10.2Gbps (3 x 3.4Gbps) high performance re-clocking device that supports 3 TMDS data channels and a single clock channel.

2. Features

• Compatible with HDMI 1.4, supports 3.4Gbps data rate
• Supports 3D video formats and 4Kx2K extended resolution formats
• Adaptive receive equalization up to 40dB to compensate for long/cheap cable losses
• ODTs and calibration for better signal integrity
• Separate ODT supply for AC-coupled applications
• Configurable transmit de-emphasis up to -9dB to pre-compensate signal distortion
• Integrated back-termination to improve output signal quality
• 5V-tolerant  DDC buffer
• Extends cable length as follows: (RX-side + TX-side)
    Up to (55m + 20m) over 26 AWG STP HDMI cable @ 1.65Gbps
    Up to (35m + 20m) over 26 AWG STP HDMI cable @ 2.25Gbps
    Up to (25m + 15m) over 28 AWG STP HDMI cable @ 1.65Gbps
    Up to (15m + 10m) over 28 AWG STP HDMI cable @ 2.25Gbps
• Cascadable for further cable reach
• Dual control modes for flexible applications
• Link activity detection to enable squelch option
• Power dissipation of 0.75W typical
• ESD rating: HBM at ±6kV
• 7mm x 7mm 48-pin QFN lead-free package


• TMDS cable equalizer
• HD televisions and displays
• DVI/HDMI cable-extender modules
• Cable assemblies

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