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1. General Description

The LT8644EX is a 16×16 digital crosspoint switch, with 16 differential CML compatible inputs and 16 differential CML outputs. The LT8644EX is optimized for non return-to-zero (NRZ) signaling with data rates of up to 6 Gbps per port. Each port offers programmable level of input equalization and programmable output swing. The LT8644EX supports independent channel switching through the serial control interface. The LT8644EX has low latency and very low channel-to-channel skew. An I2C interface is used to control the device and provide access to advanced features.

2. Features

• 250Mbs to 6Gbps per port NRZ data rate
• Programmable receive equalization, compensates 40 inches of FR4 at 6Gbps
• DC- or AC-coupled differential CML inputs
• DC- or AC-coupled differential CML outputs
• Programmable CML output levels and pre-emphasis leves
• Support output polarity swap
• 50Ω on-chip I/O temination
• Supports 8b/10b, scrambled or uncoded NRZ data
• Integrated 100/400kHz I2C slave
• Low power consumption
• Power supply: 3.3V for I/O and 1.2V for core
• Temperature Range: -40°C ~ +85°C
• 128-pin QFN 14*14 package

3. Applications

• Fiber optic network switching
• Digital video (HDMI, DVI,Display Port)
• Data storage networks

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