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1. Description

The LT8311X2 is a USB 2.0 high speed signal conditioner, used to compensate high speed signal attenuation caused by ISI. Programmed compensation gain selected via external pull down resistor permits fine tuning device performance to optimize high speed signals. This help to pass USB 2.0 high speed electrical compliance tests at the connector. The LT8311X2 does not break DP/DM trace, this permits risk free system design of a complete USB channel.

2. Features

• Compatible with USB 2.0, OTG 2.0 and BC 1.2
• Support for HS, FS, LS signaling
• Auto detection and compensation of USB 2.0 HS signal
• Selectable HS signal compensation gain via external pull down resistor
• FS/LS signal bypass
• 3.3V single power supply
• Does not break DP/DM trace
• QFN-12 1.6mm x 1.6mm package

3. Applications

• PC, Laptop Mother Boards
• Cell Phones
• Backplane
• Cable Extenders
• Televisions

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