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1. General Description
The LT8711X is a DisplayPort(DP) to VGA converter, designed to connect a DisplayPort source to a VGA sink. The LT8711X integrates a DisplayPort 1.2 compliant receiver, and a high-speed triple-channel video DAC. The receiver port integrates a CC controller which enables DisplayPort Alternate Mode support when connected to a USB Type-C source.
The DisplayPort interface comprises 4 main lanes, AUX channel, and HPD signal. The receiver supports maximum 5.4Gbps (HBR2) data rate per lane and features multi-stream transporting (MST). The high speed differential pairs can be swapped so that the pin order of lane 0 to lane 3 can be flipped. The DisplayPort receiver incorporates HDCP 1.3 content protection scheme with an embedded key option for secure transmission of digital audio-video content.
Two package types are available, LT8711X-A and LT8711X-B, and both are provided in a 64-lead QFN package with ePad and specified over -40℃ to +85℃ operating temperature range.

2. Features
• DisplayPort receiver
- DP 1.2 compliant
- HDCP 1.3 compliant
- Link rate 5.4/2.7/1.62Gbps (HBR2/HBR/RBR)
- 1/2/4 lanes
- Integrated CC controller for USB type-C Alt Mode support
- 1Mbps AUX channel
- SST/MST mode
- Equalizer
- Lane swappable
• Video DAC
- VSIS 1.2 compliant
- 200MSPS throughput
- WUXGA timing
- R/B swappable
- YPbPr output capable
- Separate SYNC or embedded SYNC (SOG/SOY)
- Load sensing
- Amplitude calibration
- 5V tolerance DDC I/Os
• Digital audio output
- I2S and SPDIF
- 8-channel LPCM or compressed audio
- Sample rate up to 192kHz
• Integrated MCU with embedded SPI flash
• Power supply: 3.3V for I/O and 1.2V for core

3.  Application Diagram

 Docking station     DP-to-VGA dongle/adapter

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