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1. Description

The LT8712EXC is a high performance Type-C/DP1.2 to HDMI2.0/VGA converter, designed to connect a USB Type-C source or a DP1.2 source to a VGA sink and an HDMI2.0 sink simultaneously.

The LT8712EXC integrates a DP1.2 compliant receiver (MST capable), a high-speed triple-channel video DAC and an HDMI2.0 compliant transmitter. Also, two CC controllers are included for CC communication to implement DP Alt Mode and power delivery function, one for upstream Type-C port and another for downstream port. On-chip USB3.0 switch is a high-speed bi-directional passive switch which provides flexible switching to accommodate connector flipping. This switch also handles muxing between 2-ch data / 2-ch video and all 4-ch video.

Two digital audio output interfaces are available, I2S and SPDIF. Both support 8-ch LPCM or compressed audio at maximum 192kHz sample rate.

The device is capable of automatic operation which is enabled by an integrated microprocessor that uses an embedded SPI flash for firmware storage. System control is also available through the use of a dedicated configuration I2C slave interface.

2. Features

• USB Type-C
• DP1.2 Receiver
• HDMI2.0 Transmitters
• Triple-Channel Video DAC
• Digital Audio Outputs
• Miscellaneous

3. Applications

• Docking Station
• Video Hub
• Dongle

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