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1. Description

LT8611SX integrates 1-to-1 DP Repeater & HDMI/DVI Level Shifter to simplify system level design and reduce system level cost for applications requiring single DP or HDMI/DVI input and single output device in personal computing system and other emerging digital appliances.

2. Features

• DisplayPort Repeating
• HDMI V1.4/DVI V1.0 Level Shifting
• Support HDMI 2.0 4:2:0 format
• DDC Level Shifting
• DDC Buffer Support
• HPD Level Shifting
• Power supply 3.3 V±10 %
• ESD protection up to 3 kV
• Power-saving modes by source-side disablement (using output enable) as well as sink-side detection (using Hot Plug Detect)
 •Transparent operation: no re-timing or software configuration required

3. Applications

• PC Motherboard / Graphics Card
• DP to HDMI/DVI Cable Adaptor
• Digital Set-Top-Box1-to-1
• DP Repeater

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