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  • LT87101CD

    1. Description

    LT87101CD is a signal re-driver with Type-C input and DP output. DP signal quality is deeply-optimized and enhanced by performing cable or board trace loss compensation. The device complies with VESA DP1.2 specifications. It supports 4-lane DP main link interface or 2-lane DP main link interface.
    The input receiver of LT87101CD features a multi-level programmable linear equalizer, supporting up to 20dB loss compensation due to Inter-Symbol Interference (ISI). The output transmitter re-drives the received signal with multi-level programmable output swing and up to 6dB de-emphasis.
    Type-C operating is controlled by CC detect, CC logic and PD management unit. A high performance passive differential switch is also integrated to realize data channel exchange according to Type-C interface insert orientation. This relieves BOM cost and mobile system design complexity. The switch function is compliant with VESA DP Alternate Mode standard and support Pin Assignment C or D in different applications.
    The LT87101CD is fabricated in advanced CMOS process and implemented in a small outline 5mmx5mm QFN40 package. This package is RoHS compliant and specified to operate from -40°C to +85°C.

    2. Features

    • Compliant to VESA DP1.2, Type-C r1.2, USB PD2.0 and DP Alt Mode v1.0 Standards
    • Support Hot-Plug Detect for DP Output Interface
    • Integrate AUX Interception
    • Programmable Input Equalization
    • Programmable Output Swing and De-emphasis
    • 3-level Current Ability Detection for Type-C Power: USB Default, 1.5A@5V, 3A@5V
    • SBU Data Path Control for DP Alt Mode
    • Internal MCU and Flash for Online Firmware Upgrade
    • Support External I2C Debug
    • 1.8V/3.3V Power Supply
    • Packaged in 5mmx5mm QFN40

    3. Applications

    • Smartphone, Tablet and Other Mobile Devices
    • VR/AR Eco-System and Home Entertainment
    • PC, Notebook, All-in-Ones Computer and Docking