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We produce mixed-signal products for a better digital world.

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Lontium Semiconductor Corporation is a fabless design house established in 2006 with design centers, sales & support offices in Hefei, Shenzhen and Hongkong China. Lontium focuses on developing and marketing high-speed interface chips, embedded GPUs and ultra high-definition display drivers targeted for wide range high-definition multi-media applications. Based on ClearEdge technology, we strive to provide the best products and services for our customers worldwide. Our mission is to become a global high-speed, low-power mixed-signal chip and IP solution provider.

Our products include HDMI V1.3/V1.4/2.0/2.1 chipset, Displayport 1.2/1.4 chipset, USB 2.0, USB3.1 Type C chipset, MIPI chipset, LVDS chipset, VGA and LCD/TV controller and driver serving applications from PCs, notebooks, smartphones, TVs, monitors, automobiles to VR and accessories. Our high-speed interface IPs and a wide range mixed-signal IPs on leading edge manufacturing technology serve various SoC vendors worldwide.

As a member of HDMI, HDCP, VESA, MIPI, DP and USB organizations, Lontium works closely with industry leaders on technologies and standards, constantly invests on new technology and products to meet the ever increasing demand of digital media and display applications. We produce mixed signal products for a better digital world, it’s happening now.

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