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Lontium introduced HDMI 2.0 repeater chipset, upgraded HDMI transmitter, Receiver to Version 2.0, took performance lead


 May 30, 2018, Hefei.  Lontium released its upgraded version of HDMI 2.0 transmitter and receiver chips,supporting both LVDS and MIPI DSI/CSI as transmitter inputs and receiver outputs. Both transmitter and receiver support 6Gb/s per lane data rate, and HDCP2.2 encryption and decryption.  With integrated MCU to reduce the BOM cost, it also makes implementation simple and platform independent.

Lontium also introduced HDMI 2.0 repeater chipset with enhenced DSC to extend the repeating distance of HDMI 2.0 (4K60Hz) to over 60 meters CAT6 cable and 1080P to over 100 meters. With single chip transmitter/receiver, very small power consumption and simple BOM, they offer our costomers very strong competitive advantange of HDMI 2.0 cable repeater and HDMI 2.0 KVM repeater in the market place.

All above parts are in production with L/T of 8 weeks. For more information and sample/technical support, please contact your local Lontium distributor.

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