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1. Description

LT9721EX is a deeply-optimized HDMI re-driver IC that enhances TMDS signal quality by performing cable or board trace loss compensation. LT9721EX can be configured to work under HDMI1.4b with up to 3.4Gb/s data rate or HDMI2.0 standard with maximum 6Gb/s data rate to allow for the highest resolutions of 4Kx2K 60Hz or 1080P with higher refresh rates.
The input receiver of LT9721EX features a multi-level programmable linear equalizer that can support maximum 25dB loss compensation due to Inter-Symbol Interference (ISI). The output transmitter re-drives the received signal with multi-level programmable output swing and up to 6dB de-emphasis.
The Build-in DDC interception function, co-working with an accurate frequency detect on clock channel is also included to automatically setup re-driver parameters.
LT9721EX internally integrates an 8-bit OCM and SPI flash memory (stacked die) to run program. Online software upgrade is also supported for LT9721EX.
LT9721EX is fabricated in advanced CMOS process and implemented in a small outline 5mmx5mm QFN40 package. This package is RoHS compliant and specified to operate from -40°C to +85°C.

2. Features

• HDMI2.0 Receiver
• DP1.2 Transmitter
• Full-Featured USB Type-C
• USB Type-C Charging Port
• Miscellaneous

3. Applications

• Mobile systems, VR/AR
• Cellular handsets, PAD/Tablets
• Digital video cameras
• Digital still cameras

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