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1. General Description
The LT8631SX is 3-Port HDMI/DVI switch that enable the connection of multiple HDMI/DVI source devices to high-definition television (HDTV). Based on ClearEdge™ Technology, it is compliant with the HDMI 1.4/DVI 1.0 specifications. LT8631SX is an advanced high-speed switch that delivers a cost-effective method for manufacturers to add additional HDMI/DVI ports to their HDTV. Multiple HDMI/DVI ports allow consumers to connect variety HDMI/DVI sources to their HDTV.
The LT8631SX is a three-to-one (3:1) switch ideally suited for use in the back panel of HDTV and A/V receivers, allowing consumers to connect multiple HDMI/DVI devices such as high-definition DVD players, set top boxes and game consoles. The LT8631SX switch selects a single HDMI/DVI signal from the three receiver ports and generates fully compliant HDMI//DVI audio/video output, as well as DDC and HPD switching in full compliance with the HDMI/DVI specifications.
The chip also integrates RX side on-die-terminations (ODTs), and employs the ODT management circuitry for cost-efficient system design and enhanced performance.  The integrated DDC and HPD switches further lower the cost of system manufacture, and simplify the routing on the system board.
2. Features
• 3 inputs, 1output HDMI/DVI links
• HDMI 1.4/DVI 1.0 compliant
• Supports data rates up to 3.4Gbps
• Supports deep color
• RX side ODTs and management circuitry
• Integrated HPD switch, DDC switch, and +5V Power indicator switch, greatly lowering the cost and simplifying the manufacturing process
• Source/Sink connection detection for flexible system management
• I2C control supported
• Low added jitter
• Single 3.3V power supply 
• 5V-tolerant DDC interfaces
• HPD,DDC,data/clock channels ESD protection level meets class 3A according to JESD22-A114-B.
• Front panel buffer for advanced television (HDTV) sets 
• Standalone switcher
• Multiple input displays
• Projectors
• A/V receivers


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