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NEW HDMI split IC LT86104EX
   2012 is a productive year for product development. After HDMI V1.4 Repeater and USB 2.0 extender production, Lontium Semiconductor introduced two new HDMI Splitter chips this month: LT86102EX, a 1-to-2 HDMI splitter and LT86104EX, a 1-to-4 HDMI splitter.
Equipped with Adaptive Equalization technology on the receiver side and the Pre-emphasis technology on the transmitter side, they can be used in splitter, matrix switch application and multi-port HDMI signal repeating. They support all the HDCP repeater specification defined in HDCP 1.4, they also support CEC, 3-d and resolution up to 4K*2K. Both chips are in production, samples and technical documents are available upon requests.
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